Monday, December 3, 2007

Ooo Rah!

My son Joshua decided to come home from South Carolina to live with us again. We warned him that his family down south was crazy but he was hell bent on going down there to live. Well he found out the hard way and begged to come back home. What is a parent going to do? So he showed up on Saturday with all his stuff and announced he joined the Army. What the fuck?! That is the last thing I wanted! First he goes down south to live with the crazies now he wants to go to Iraq and get shot by crazies. He assures me that he is just in the Reserves and can stay there until he finishes College. I hope so, I am really not liking this!

Chris was home for the weekend (and doing much better after the Thanksgiving holiday in the hospital) so he wanted to give me my birthday present on Saturday because he wasn't going to be home for my birthday. He got me the most fabulous thing ever! I'm now the new owner a of a gorgeous Cuisinart Food Processor! (the largest capacity they make, it says so right on the box!) I was soooo happy! I have been wanting one for ages but with the $200 price tag has always been a bit out of reach. It is fantastic and I had to use it last night. Awwww yeah, homemade sirloin burgers, mmmmmmmmm.

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Gauge before Beauty said...

I knew you were getting that. Happy Birthday you twat-faced fart sniffer.