Monday, July 30, 2007

They are finally here!

I dropped Max off at the house this afternoon from summer camp and waiting on my doorstep was a big box. I took it inside and opened it. It was my Needlecraft magazines form the 50's I have been waiting for! I cannot wait to read them and see what fantastic patterns are just waiting for me. I will wait until my stack of Crochet magazines show up (hopefully tomorrow) and then it is off to Whore's house so we can sit and drink coffee and ogle them for hours. Hope you're not busy tomorrow woman cause I'm coming over!

Sunday, July 29, 2007

I really should be working on my Prepster.

Today I decided to put it down for a bit and do a quick instant gratification project. I made a tea cozy. Yes, you read that right, tea cozy. I know, tea cozies are reminiscent of your blue haired granny making cozies for everything from the dish soap to the toilet paper, but I couldn't help myself. I love tea. Not your run-of-the-mill Lipton crap, but exotic, aromatic, loose leaf tea you have to steep lovingly in a cute teapot before you drink it. I know, I am hooty tooty like that. The problem is, after you make such delicious tea, it starts to get cold before you finish the pot. So the tea cozy was born. I have tons of teapots, and could probably make cozies until they come out of my ears, but this one is my favorite and I will stop there. No more cozies, I promise. I was very proud of myself. I did it completely free form without a pattern.

On another note, I also made a few dish towels and rags for the new house. Chris is convinced they won't work. He thinks they are made like the old acrylic afghan his Grandmother made. I will just have to show him won't I?

Well, moving day is fast approaching so I must pack. Shit, who am I kidding, I have new yarn.....muahahahahaha.

Friday, July 27, 2007

Life gets in the way

I want to finish my Prepster sooooooooo bad. I am getting so close I can almost feel myself wearing it. But you know, life gets in the way. Besides taking over the tattoo shop next week, I also got the go ahead from the Property Manager for Navy Housing to move into a brand new unit. I am having a yard sale tomorrow to try to purge the place of all the shit I have accumulated over the past 5 years that I don't need. Believe me, it's a lot of shit. Well, I still have down time at the shop to work on it so hopefully I can get it done soon. Once I do I will post pics. As for Whore, she is designing these super cute bags, you should check them out:

Whore's Everything Bags

Oh yeah, and thanks for Operation Stealth Kitty this morning.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Car Love

I have always heard of people talking about the elusive "car love". The constant comments of "Oh I LOVE my car" and "I will be happy to drive!". But alas, I have never experienced true car love. I have been driving a 2000 Daewoo for the past 8 years. Are you finished laughing? It was one of those "necessary cars". The ones you buy because you are broke and have to have transportation. I must admit, the Woo had been good to me. Even after I poured 4 quarts of oil into her when the oil light came on it still ran for another 3 years. Hey, Chris always said if the oil light came on I better put oil into it or he will kill me. He never told me how much, a needed piece of information considering who is writing this right now. Anyhoo, I now believe I understand the concept of "car love". I confess, I hate to drive. I won't go get necessities because I have to drive a whole 10 miles to get them. We can live without toilet paper until I have to leave to go to work right? But now, I actually love to drive. I leave early and take the long way just so I can prolong that feeling of zipping through traffic with Rob Zombie blasting from my ipod. I am sure the novelty will wear off eventually and I will revert to my usual whining about not wanting to drive. But it won't be for a long time. This is the last time I will talk about my new car, I promise. I just love the goddam thing so much.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

That new car smell...........

The Great and Powerful Woo is dead. So, I got it. My dream car. Nothing too fancy or too hooty tooty as Chris would say (He said it once drunk and it stuck). But It is beautiful, red, brand new, and mine. The guys at the dealership fucked up and didn't have my remote key, and messed up on the price etc. etc. so Chris let them have the all mighty smack down. Of course I missed it because I had to take Mom to the doctor. Ah well, I now have free oil changes and they took care of the rest of the little crap I was going to have to do. Fuckers. Oh, you probably want to know what it is. It is a shiny candy apple red 2007 Mazda 3.

Black interior, ipod dock, Sirius radio, and I even got a key to my tires so they won't get stolen (my most favorite feature by far, really, who needs a tire key?) As for my Prepster, it had to go on my back burner for a bit, buying cars suck. And of course, Whore already has her pieces done, what a jerk.

Monday, July 23, 2007

To set the record straight..............

I did not copy Whore. Quote: "I just started a crochet blog, it's kinda gay but fun. You should do one too!" -Whore

To read Whore's Blog that I apparently copied,

How did I ever live without them?

A wonderful surprise awaited for me when I went to drop off Max at home. My shiny new Clover cushioned hooks were here! How did I ever live without them? Now maybe I can crochet for more than 15 minutes without complaining. On another note, I have the first panel of my Prepster done and the second about a 1/3 of the way there. I might just finished it. I also got a new book today: "Not Your Mamma's Crochet". I actually bought it for Whore but there is the cutest pattern for a cozy pea coat I MUST have! I cannot wait until my huge load of crochet mags show up. Must go yarn shopping!!!!

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Vintage patterns and yarns galore

I just purchased a huge lot of vintage crochet mags on ebay. Another reason for me to buy skein after skein of yarn that will continue to fill my dining room and collect dust. Like I ever needed a reason, bah. There are just too many incredible patterns. But, with my Prepster almost done, I must prepare for a new project. I want to be warm this winter dammit! I wanted to make my chunky hoodie, but alas, I cannot find enough yarn. So, by the time my new patterns arrive I should be ready for something new. Even though by the time I actually finish, Whore will have at least 3 more projects done. I hate her and her lightning fast crochet fingers!

The Prepster, I WILL finish it!

I am almost there, about the half way point. Farther than I have ever gotten on a project without starting a new one. I am determined to finish. Sam (since she refers to me as "twat" in her blog, we will call her "whore" from this point on) started hers the same time so it has kept me motivated. I bought adorable buttons for it today so I just HAVE to finish. Wish me luck, I am going to need it.