Sunday, July 27, 2008


So, I haven't been keeping my word and blogging. But in my defense, things have been quite hectic! Our personal bank account was hacked again! On top of that, the Navy decided to over pay Chris for a year and a half and now they want their $$$, NOW! It's like 5 grand or some crap like that! And the worst of it all, Chris got into a minor car accident last week and TOTALED his car! How can you total a car going only 15 mph? I don't know, ask Chris. Apparently, he swerved to miss a guy on a bike that cut in front of him on base and ran straight into a brick wall. Now I know what you are thinking, a brick wall, well that will do it. Did I mention that said brick wall was only 2 feet high? A word of advice, never buy a Mercury Milan. We had that car for a year and one little accident wrecked that car beyond repair. Lucky for us, we have a good insurance company and we got it all taken care of pretty quickly. Chris is now the proud owner of a jet black 2008 Honda Accord. This car is sweet! I mean it was almost worth wrecking the Milan to get this sucker! The dang car talks to you! And not only does it talk to you, you can tell it what to do. It is like the freakin' Kitt Car! So now that the drama is over, i sit back , relax and talk to an inanimate object for fun!

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