Wednesday, September 12, 2007


I feel lousy today. I want Chris to come home. All of a sudden it is cold outside.What-the-fuck? It is not time for cold yet. I had a weird dream that me and Max were hanging out with Ronnie James Dio last night. Talk about a nightmare. I did drink a bit too much last night while sitting here watching American Psycho. Cool movie, I will have to watch it again to fully get it. I almost finished a panel yesterday. I would have finished, but I realized I fucked up on the very front of the second round! ARRGGGHHHHHHH I had to rip back almost to the beginning. Dammit. Well, at least I will finish it today and maybe I will join them to see what it will look like. I finally got my phone hooked up. And wouldn't you know it, the phone guy was absolutely gorgeous. And here I am, in my P.J.'s, hair flat on one side, sticking straight up on the other, and big black mascara circles under my eyes. I was a beauty to behold. Whatever, he was just the phone guy. I guess I will go get some breakfast and grumble some more. Pffttt.


Gauge before Beauty said...

Bah you! I wondered why I didn't hear from you yesterday. It was the kind of day to just stay in anyway. Cheer the fuck up!

Christopher said...

"Hi, I'm the phone guy. I hooked up your phone and now I need payment. What? you don't have any money?" Bowchickawowwow! Well I still love you when you look all retarded in the morning.

Gauge before Beauty said...