Monday, September 17, 2007

Ok, I'm not mad..........

I am furious! I went to go construct the panels to my new blanket that I was so smitten with, and guess what? I MADE ONE TOO FUCKING LONG!!!! How in the hell did I manage that??? I was so excited that I was finally getting somewhere and BOOM! No blanket for you! That's OK though, I really liked it, I will finish it, I swear. Hahaha, good one. At least the long one found a good home. Instead of frogging the whole thing I gave it to Kendra's friend and told her it was a scarf. She LOVED it! That made me feel better.
I need to finish the one I started for Ernie. It was like crochet karma. I bought all this yarn in his favorite colors for no reason, started to make a blanket, then found out his B-Day is next week. Perfect timing. At least I will be pushed to finish the thing. It is so easy though, I just might finish it on my day off tomorrow. Keep your hooks crossed.

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Gauge before Beauty said...

I'm gonna get him a pinata. Haha.