Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Made with love

I came across this link on someone else's blog called Share A Square .

A woman by the name of Shelly Kneupper Tucker had an ingenious idea. She is making crocheted afghans for children at Camp Sanguinity.

Camp Sanguinity is a camp for kids suffering from cancer. She feels that handmade afghans can somehow comfort these children when they need it most. What she is asking for is donations for granny squares to construct these afghans. I am sending out a package of them today. It is a wonderful idea and I am totally on board! Just knowing that a few stitches made with love can maybe ease a child's suffering just a tiny bit is totally worth it. If you can help, click on the link above and start stitching!

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Shelly Kneupper Tucker said...

Thanks for linking and talking about Share A Square! I've just added you to the blogroll. I look forward to your participation!
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