Monday, October 1, 2007

Oooooh, a new Stitch Stirrers Prompt!

Stitch Stirrers has added a new promt.
10 Things I Learned From A Crochet Hook

1. After setting down a project and returning to find your hook missing, always look in your hand.

2. A good hook is like a good man. Long, stiff, and always the size you need.

3. Just because a hook is pretty does not mean it will perform as well as your beat up favorite in your case.

4. Crochet hooks may not be as sharp as knitting needles, but can still puncture your foot in the middle of the night.

5. Never rely on your hooks color, halfway through a project you will realize your N is the same color as your L. And you will always use the wrong one.

6. If you are missing the one hook you need for a project, always check the middle of every skein in your stash.

7. A few extra bucks spent on a good hook is cheaper than blisters on your fingers.

8. Cursing a hook will not change your gauge, no matter how much you yell.

9. Sometimes a hook will fight you every stitch, this just means it needs more attention.

10. Treat you hooks with respect, they will return the favor

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Tracie said...

I giggled at #2, uh-huh. And #6 I've done more than once. I can relate to several more. Good job!