Thursday, October 18, 2007

She got them.

Yayyyyyy! Shelly has received my crocheted granny squares and they will be going into a blanket for a child soon. I should make a few more. It was very easy and it meant alot to her and the child who will receive the blanket. It does feel nice to do something to help someone out. Especially if you get to crochet to do it!

Well I attempted another wig hat. I tried to make a Wendy's girl wig. You know, the one with the big red braids? Well, it didn't turn out so good. Whaddaya gonna do? I decided to make a hat out of this sweet yarn called Ragdoll. I got it on clearance at Wally World. It is super soft and looks like someone threw up confetti, I LOVE it! I also need to finish my other mitten! Stupid ADD.

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