Wednesday, August 1, 2007

The ADD strikes again.......

So, I still haven't finished my Prepster. It is just too hot to be working on a sweater. But now, as my ADD strikes, I have this idea for a cozy winter hoodie. I am going to attempt to make this without a pattern. I really want to start it but I am dead set on finishing my Prepster before I start any other big projects. But I really want to try it out. I have it perfectly pictured in my head. A warm black hoodie with a large off centered stripe, and a cute skull added to the side. It will be fabulous! Well, if I ever finish my Prepster. Bah.

Oh yes, today I recieved my huge box of crochet magazines. Whore and I spent all day at the shop going through them. I found a ton of patterns I would like to try. I cannot wait to move to the new house so I can finally have a place to be organized. Well, organized for about a week. This way when my ADD strikes and I have a ton of unfinished projects they will at least be piled up neatly.

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