Wednesday, August 29, 2007

I am finally moved!

FUCKALLOTOFTHATFUCKINGSHITIAMNEVERDOINGTHATAGAIN! And I apologize Eddie, I did not realize it would take 3 days! I told Chris we should hire someone to move us. It would be expensive but worth it in the long run. I never want to climb stairs again. Next time, I am definitely hiring people. I don't care who, anyone who will carry all that shit I have accumulated over the years but don't have the heart to throw away up the stairs. On the bright side, my house is EFFIN' GORGEOUS! We are still getting used to it and settling in. The cabinet door fell off the first time I opened it, and I went to make a pot roast and the oven didn't work. But, it has been fixed and everything is now wonderfully hooty tooty.I have not been able to crochet in a week! Now I have a sweet sitting room with comfy chairs where I can sit and hook to my hearts content and not have to listen to the stupid box, because daytime TV sucks when you don't have cable yet. Fuck you Dr. Phil and Jerry Springer, I am well adjusted have better things to do.

I wish I had a pic of my beautiful new home, but I don't. So here is a pic of a beautifully made piece for your viewing pleasure.

I need to find a new project to start. Fall is coming and it will be time for cozy sweaters and such. Who am I kidding, I won't finish them. Why do I even bother? I hate you Whore, why do you make shit so quick????

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Gauge before Beauty said...

Eddie says he'll forgive you if you buy him yarn. No, I had nothing to do with his demands...nothing at all...